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Required crane inspections foster safety and productivity as well as compliance

Konecranes streamlines the inspection process with its MAINMAN® software. The data collected is a valuable planning resource for greater productivity and enhanced safety.

Konecranes has revolutionized the periodic ritual of OSHA-required crane inspection with its proprietary MAINMAN software program. The computerized process is conducted by highly trained technicians and generates a certified inspection report that evaluates and documents the condition of up to 220 individual components. Konecranes MAINMAN inspection creates the industry’s most comprehensive data package concerning the condition of a facility’s cranes. 

“Your equipment is uniquely identified and tracked by MAINMAN, providing an ongoing condition history that facilitates long-term planning and investment scheduling,” says Jim Skowron, vice president of sales for Konecranes Region Americas service division. “This gives you the ability to manage and schedule crane maintenance, largely eliminating the expense of unplanned downtime. Managers are discovering the information generated by our reports can result in cost-savings that goes directly to their bottom line.”

The initial item generated by the MAINMAN inspection is a Safety Summary. Safety deficiencies are reviewed immediately and should be the first items scheduled for repairs. A 2011 Crane Incident Study compiled by the Konecranes Training Institute in New Berlin, WI revealed that the cost of a single industrial accident resulting in a fatality was over $4 million. Data was obtained from the U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration. 

Another key information category generated by MAINMAN is the Condition Summary, ranking the condition of cranes based on their priority in the facility. With unplanned downtime cost running into the tens of thousands of dollars per hour in some facilities, leveraging required OSHA inspection data by funnelling it into a preventive maintenance plan has the potential to save companies big money.
Konecranes offers both compliance and preventive inspections, and the reports generated are conveniently available online through a secure portal.

“Konecranes certified inspectors and trained technicians provide an accurate assessment of the condition of your equipment,” said Skowron. “They evaluate risks, identify improvement opportunities and provide recommendations. What you choose to do with that information constitutes a real business opportunity. Today, a proactive preventive maintenance program is crucial to maximizing both safety and productivity.”

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