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Konecranes Portal Crane Modernizations Restore Safety, Ergonomics and Performance

February 10, 2015 (Springfield, OH) – Modernizing your aging portal crane is a valuable strategy to regain the performance and reliability of a new crane for around half the cost.

Konecranes, a global leader in the design and manufacture of lifting equipment, draws on nearly 40 years of portal crane construction experience to evaluate the current condition of aging portal cranes, and recommend the best approach to restore their reliability and performance.

Freestanding, rail-mounted portal cranes are used in demanding applications and environments in the steel, forest products, intermodal, biomass/pellet, concrete and other industries.

“Portal cranes include some of the largest overhead cranes in operation today and represent a substantial investment in the steel structure,” says Gary Otto, Product Manager - Portal Cranes for Konecranes. “We can extend the lifespan of a structurally viable crane by upgrading the controls to the latest variable frequency drives with regenerative braking for improved performance, reliability and efficiency.”

Portal cranes with structural or design issues can also be upgraded.  According to Otto, Konecranes Crane Reliability Study is the first step to determine the extent of an aging crane’s potential for modernization and an extended lifespan. Components that commonly need be replaced include gantry drive trucks, log guards, load brakes and gantry wheels.

“We evaluate the structural integrity of the crane and the condition of mechanical and electrical components,” says Otto. “We also study load and duty requirements and maintenance records. After analyzing all these factors against the required performance needs, we will identify the most appropriate system upgrade and corresponding modernization plan.”

Safety features and ergonomics have also made major strides since early portal cranes were designed. Insufficiencies can be addressed by the addition of operator’s cabs, stairways and platforms or an elevator rebuild or replacement.

“Konecranes portal cranes have always been built to a high standard of ruggedness and reliability, so often all that is needed is an upgrade to current technology,” says Otto. “The experience we have amassed by building these cranes for the last 40 years along with the world’s largest crane service network gives us the tools and the insight to modernize any portal crane, with all the benefits of today’s Konecranes technology, performance and warranty.”

Additional information:
Sales: Gary Otto, Product Manager, Portal Cranes
[email protected] or 414.573.8062

Press: Todd Blair, Marketing and Communications Manager, Region Americas
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