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Industrial Internet Now internet portal offers a tantalizing glimpse into the future

The Industrial Internet Now website is a crossroads for advanced ideas and applications in industry and manufacturing, hosted by global lifting leader Konecranes.

Konecranes approaches the Industrial Internet as a highly relevant trend that will open up vast possibilities for businesses to take advantage of in the area where technology and industry meet.

Industrial Internet Now was launched in 2014 to explore future-oriented perspectives and possibilities related to technology, data, safety and productivity. Konecranes aims to promote discussions on the industrial internet by sharing views from credible experts in business, research and industry as well as experts on these subjects from its own ranks. The site is updated weekly.

“Konecranes is a logical moderator for this discussion because material handling is a critical element for so many industries,” says Bernie D’Ambrosi, Senior Vice President, Konecranes Region Americas. “We are entering an era where automated industrial machines will interact with each other seamlessly. Lifting equipment offers a myriad of opportunities to help industry excel through automation and harvesting data.”

According to D’Ambrosi, the evolving industrial revolution is now capable of making machines intelligent and aware of their condition.  Overhead cranes can diagnose themselves and alert when maintenance is needed. Lift trucks can inform management when the trucks are idling rather than working or when they are being used improperly.

“Today, we can network machines to create real-time visibility for enhanced safety and productivity,” he said. “At Konecranes, this unique service differentiates us from our competitors.”

The information showcased on Industrial Internet Now is organized into tabs on technology, people, data, safety and productivity and the future. The articles posted are food for thought, with the intention of inspiring new avenues for industrial equipment and manufacturers to communicate, interact and develop.

“This site is not about making a sale today,” says D’Ambrosi. “It’s about shaping the future.”