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Live Channel

The next best thing to test-driving a crane

Enjoy a live crane demonstration show-casing our safe features from the convenience of your computer.

Key Benefits

  1.  Save time - A visit to an external facility is not required for a crane demonstration.
  2. Interactive - Observe how our Safe features work in real-time and directly ask us questions.
  3. Personalized - Select the Safe Features you want to see in action.

Active Sway Control

Active Sway Control reduces load sway, improve productivity and safety.

Hook Centering

Prevents side pulling of a load as a result of lifting off-center and also limits sway when lifting the load.

Snag Prevention

Crane automatically stops should the load, sling or load makes accidental contact.

Protected Areas

Prevents the crane from entering a predefined area which eliminates the risk of collisions within the fixed area.

Target Positioning

Automates repetitive material handling from a home position to a target position thus reducing cycle times and improving safety.

End Positioning

Automatically centres and lowers the load into a target area precisely and safely.